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A note from Fr. Jim Golka  May 1 2020

I would like to add my personal note to express both my great desire for you to be able to gather with us for the celebration of the Eucharist and my concern for our physical health as the pandemic continues to affect our community.  There is no greater joy for me than the experience of sharing Communion with our Lord as a parish family.  At the same time, I appreciate Bishop Hanefeldt’s concern for the physical safety and well-being of those of us living in the Grand Island community.  Public masses will not be possible for us yet.  May 30th is the earliest possible date for a return, but that will be reevaluated as we draw closer to that time.

I have been in communication with local physicians who confirm that our cases of coronavirus patients continue to rise.  Because of this I do not believe it would be safe for us to offer public times for Confessions or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  As we stated before, Pope Francis encourages parishioners to make a perfect Act of Contrition on a daily basis with the firm resolve to go to confession once it is available.  In the meanwhile, we will hear confessions on an emergency basis by appointment. 

Our parish staff is beginning plans for the time when we can gather again for public sacraments.  Both the Governor of Nebraska and Bishop have offered stipulations and procedures to which we must adhere. 

Let’s continue to pray for each other during this difficult time.

In Christ,

Fr. Jim Golka Rector

Una nota del P. Jim Golka

Me gustaría agregar mi nota personal para expresar tanto mi gran deseo que tengo de que ustedes puedan reunirse con nosotros para la celebración de la Eucaristía y mi preocupación por nuestra salud física a medida que la pandemia continúa afectando a nuestra comunidad. No hay mayor alegría para mí que la experiencia de compartir la comunión con nuestro Señor como familia parroquial. Al mismo tiempo, aprecio la preocupación del obispo Hanefeldt por la seguridad física y el bienestar de aquellos de nosotros que vivimos en la comunidad de Grand Island. Las misas públicas aún no serán posibles para nosotros. El 30 de mayo es la fecha más próxima posible para un regreso, pero eso será reevaluado a medida que nos acerquemos a ese momento.

He estado en comunicación con médicos locales que confirman que nuestros casos de pacientes con coronavirus continúan aumentando. Debido a esto, no creo que sea seguro para nosotros ofrecer momentos públicos para Confesiones o Adoración del Santísimo Sacramento. Como dijimos antes, el Papa Francisco alienta a los feligreses a hacer un acto de contrición perfecto a diario con la firme resolución de confesarse una vez que esté disponible. Mientras tanto, escucharemos confesiones de emergencia con cita previa.

Nuestro personal parroquial está comenzando planes para cuando podamos reunirnos nuevamente para los sacramentos públicos. Tanto el gobernador de Nebraska como Bishop han ofrecido estipulaciones y procedimientos a los que debemos adherirnos.

Sigamos orando los unos por los otros durante este momento difícil.

En Cristo,

El P. Jim Golka, Rector

Please read the Bishop letter on the right for all other cancellations

A prayer in this time of the coronavirus

Lord Jesus Christ, our Divine Physician, we ask you to guard and protect us from Coronavirus COID-19  and from all serious illness. For all those who have died from it, have mercy; for those who are ill now, bring healing. For those searching for a remedy, enlighten them; for medical caregivers helping the sick, strengthen and shield them. For those working to contain the spread, grant them success; for those afraid, grant peace. May your precious blood be our defense and our salvation. By your grace, may you turn the evil of disease into moments of consolation and hope. May we always fear the contagion of sin more than any illness. We   abandon ourselves to your infinite mercy.


. -- Pedro de la Cruz

There have been multiple reports from parishes and from other dioceses that many priests are being impersonated by phishers and scammers trying to convince parishioners to send them gift cards or gift card numbers.

What these phishers and scammers do is obtain priest and parishioner information from different sources. They then use the information to impersonate the priest and send out emails requesting gift card numbers. When phone numbers are available, fake texts have been sent also.

Please be aware of these types of phishing attacks and scams! If you receive any messages requesting gift cards or gift card numbers, or even a text that says something like, “I need a favor from you, please text me back as soon as possible”, and the sender claims to be me, it is a phishing attempt. You can contact the parish to let us know of the phishing attempt. You may want to report this attempt to the authorities. See for more details.

You should never email or text the numbers from a gift card. Once a scammer has that information, they can immediately drain the gift card and make it worthless.

If I or the parish ever needs assistance or if I am asking for a donation, I typically will write, call, or visit with you in person. Unless you are expecting me to request assistance or a donation by email or text message, you should confirm that I really am making this request. That confirmation should be made by any other means besides replying to the suspicious email or text you received (which would go back to the scammer).

If you have any questions about this scam, you are welcome to contact the parish offices.

Fr. Jim Golka

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You can visit your cell phone’s App Store and search for “My Parish App.”   The download is free. Search for St. Mary’s Cathedral in Grand Island, and connect with our parish’s information.                   



 Parents should have their child baptized in the first several weeks after birth.  Arrangements for baptism may be made even before the child's birth--please call the office or email (see canon 867.1)

Older adolecents and adults seeking baptism should contact a priest directly (see c. 863).  

Baptisms are usually held on Sundays at 11:00am in English and 1:00pm in Spanish (see c. 856).
  • Parents are required to take a pre-baptismal class, normally offered once per month (see c. 851.2).
    • English classes are: Second Monday of each month @ 6:30pm in the cathedral square.
    • Spanish classes are: Fourth Sunday of each month @ 2:00pm in the cathedral square. 
  • Parents must also bring proof of their address (driver's license, utility bill, other).
    • NB: Any parents from outside of Grand Island must request a letter of permission from their pastor in order for their child to be baptized at St. Mary's Cathedral (see c. 857.2)
  • Parents must provide a copy of the child's birth certificate.
  • Godparents: Only ONE godparent is necessary, but TWO are allowed. If two, they must be one man and one woman (c. 873).
    • Godparents must be Catholics in good standing who have received Baptism, Confirmation and Communion. They must be true examples of faith, living in accord with the Church's moral teachings. Godparents must be at least 16 years old. (see c. 874.1).
    • To be living in accord with the Church's moral teachings means:
      • Going to Sunday Mass on a regular basis.
      • Going to Confession when necessary and receiving Communion.
      • Avoiding sin and sincerely trying to live a prayerful life.
      • Living as a single person or a married person.
        • NB: cohabitation is a serious sin and is not in keeping with the Church's moral teaching.
        • NB: Catholics who are married civilly, but not married in the Catholic Church should validate their marriage in the Church before serving as godparents.
      • To be clear: If you are a Catholic who is married outside the Church, you CANNOT be a godparent.
    • A baptized, non-Catholic person may not participate except together with a Catholic godparent, and then only as a Christian Witness (c. 874.2)
  • Parents are not required to be married, though we strongly encourage them to live according to the Church's moral teachings. 
  • There is no fee for baptism, though it is appropriate to leave an offering. 
  • The above references are from the Code of Canon Law.  St. Mary's Cathedral follows the Catholic Church's regulations regarding baptism, as found in canon law.  
Padres deben bautizar a sus niños en las primeras semanas después el nacimiento.  Si es posibile registrar el bautismo antes del nacimiento--contacta la oficina or envie un correo electronico a  (ver ley 867.1)

Jóvenes y adultos que quieren ser bautisados deben de hablar con un sacerdote directemente (ver ley 863).  

Los Bautizos usualmente son los domingos a las 11am en inglés y 1pm en español (ver ley 856).
  • Se requiere que los padres tomen una plática pre-bautismal, normalmente ofrecida una vez por mes (ver ley 851.2)
    • La plática en inglés es el segundo lunes cada mes a las 6:30pm en el centro parroquial.
    • La plática en español es: el cuarto domingo de cada mes a las 2:00pm en el centro parroquial.
  • Se les pide a los padres que traigan un comprobante de su domicilio por ejemplo (licencia de manejar, un recibo de pago de utilidades, otro).
    • Cualquier padre que viene de afuera del pueblo de Grand Island debe de pedir una carta de permiso de su pastor para que se le pueda permitir bautizar aquí en Santa Maria (ver ley 857.2)
  • Los Padres deben de proveer una copia del acta de nacimiento de su hijo/a.
  • Padrinos: SOLAMENTE UN padrino es necesario, pero DOS son permitidos. Si son dos, deben de ser un hombre y una mujer (ley 873).
    • Los padrinos deben de ser Católicos de buena conducta, que haiga recibido el Bautizo, Confirmación y Primera Comunión. Deben de ser verdaderamente ejemplos de fe, deben de vivir de acuerdo a las enseñanzas morales de la Iglesia Católica. Los padrinos deben de ser mayores de 16 años. (ver ley 874.1)
    • Cuál es el significado de vivir de acuerdo a las enseñanzas morales de la Iglesia:
      • Asistir en la Misa de domingo con regularidad.
      • Ir a Confesión cuando sea necesario y recibir la Comunión.
      • Evitar el pecado y sinceramente tratar de vivir una vida de oración.
      • Vivir como una persona soltera o una persona casada.
        • Vivir en unión libre es un pecado grave y no es de acuerdo a las enseñanzas morales de la Iglesia.
        • Católicos que están casados por el civil, y no por la Iglesia Católica deben de validar su matrimonio por la Iglesia Católica antes de poder servir como padrinos.
      • Tengamos en claro: si tu eres católico y tu matrimonio no es por la Iglesia Católica, tú NO PUEDES ser padrino.
    • Una persona bautizada no católica no puede ser padrino, solamente puede participar como Testigo Cristiano junto con una persona católico (ley 874.2)
  • No es un requisito que los padres estén casados por la iglesia, pero si se les recomienda fuertemente que vivan una vida de acuerdo a las enseñanzas morales de la Iglesia Católica.
  • No hay cargos para el bautismo, pero es apropriado dejar una ofrenda. 
  • Las referencias arribas son del Codigo de Derecho Canonico.  La Cátedral Santa Maria obedece las reglas de la Iglesia Católica sobre el bautismo.  
    St. Mary's Cathedral
    112 S Cedar St.  Grand Island, NE 68801
    PH: (308) 384-2523 | FAX: (308) 384-2527
    Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

    St. Mary's Immigration Program/Programa de Inmigración
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