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Our Religious Educations will resume on

Wednesday, Januray 6 2021

Italy: Orvieto, Assisi, Florence & Rome -
Fr. James Golka from St. Mary's Cathedral
October 12-21, 2021  Trip # 2118
Discover the tranquil hilltop village of Assisi. Taste an array of Italian wines. Explore Florence, the living museum of Italian Renaissance. Enjoy a special private tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, without the crowds! Accompanied by an excellent local guide, learn about the spiritual, historical, and cultural significance of Italy. Let Magi Travel take you on one of their quality, custom tours which have been planned and perfected for over 35 years. Space is limited so sign up today!


 Staff Directory
Rev. James Golka

(308) 384-2523 ext. 201
Rev. Joseph Thambi
Associate Pastor
(308) 384-2523 ext. 204
Director of Religious Education
(308) 384-2523 ext. 213


Rev. Joseph G. Broudou
 Associate Pastor
(308)384-2523 ext. 208

Bertha Calderon
Office Secretary
(308) 384-2523 ext. 220
Sr. JesusMerling
Hispanic Ministry
(308) 384-2523 ext. 300
Patty Zuniga
Bilingual Secretary
Sacramental Records Secretary
(308) 384-2523 ext. 221
Sr. JesusMaikelyn 
Pastoral Ministry
(308)-384-2523 ext 300

Judy Priess
Parish Administrator
(308) 384-2523 ext. 222 


James Lehl 
Maintenance Director
(308) 384-2523 ext. 226
Ann Baker 
Thrift Store Manager
(308)  391-1527

 Kellie Draper

St. Mary's Immigration Office
(Accredited since 2012)
(308) 324-7300

Barbara Bosak
Communication Ministry/Bulletin
(308) 384-2523 ext. 233
Kristen Schutte
Music Coordinator
(308) 384-2523 ext. 219
Dodi Ouderkirk
Daycare Director
(308) 398-4047
 Leticia ( Tish) Guerrero

St. Mary's Immigration Office   
(308) 381-2855 by appointment only

Deacon John Farlee

Deacon Frank Moreno
    St. Mary's Cathedral
    112 S Cedar St.  Grand Island, NE 68801
    PH: (308) 384-2523 | FAX: (308) 384-2527
    Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

    St. Mary's Immigration Program/Programa de Inmigración
    PO Box 938 | Grand Island, NE 68802-0938
    PH: (308) 381-2855  | FAX: (308) 381-2925
    Office Hours:   By appointment